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We are a SPED school for children aged 7 to 18. 

We cater to students with moderate to severe ASD, from 7 to 18 years old.

We are currently at 95 Jalan Eunos, in a holding school.

We will move to our new campus in Pasir Ris in 2028.

Our Programme


Communication and language

Students learn how to communicate their needs and wants through engaging lessons and teachers that listen.


social - emotional learning

With activities like facilitated play, students learn how to manage their own emotions, express their emotions, and form social relationships with others.


daily living skills

With classrooms that mimic the real-world environment, such as the kitchen, students learn how to do things like serve themselves, use utensils safely, and make simple meals such as sandwiches.


Physical education

Through a variety of games, hands-on activities, and outdoor play, students keep healthy and fit.



Students learn basic numerical concepts such as time, counting, and money. This is done with real world examples and demonstrations with objects like a clock.



Students learn through a variety of art forms such as drawing, painting, musical instruments like drums and even the angklung. This gives students a chance to explore their potential in a variety of ways.

Parents Say

Ms Pangilinan Cherry Lee Dolas,
mother of 9-year-old
Lew Pangilinan Nathan

I am happy that Nathan has shown a lot of progress and improvement in his communication and speech.

Thank you to all the teachers and the therapists!


Ms Kavitha D/O Dhanabal,
mother of 10-year-old
Lukaash Sasi Kumar

Everyone in Maitri, the teachers and staff have been so supportive, engaging and understanding toward us.

Their commitment, tolerance and support have had such a positive significant influence on my son’s growth, and I sincerely appreciate that.


An ecosystem of support for your child

With psychologists, speech and occupational therapists, and social workers, there is an integrated system of care around your child.

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