Our Approaches

Our Approaches

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autism friendly environment

structured teaching

We provide holistic and integrated interventions.

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We provide indoor and outdoor learning through special rooms and field trips.

outdoor learning Maitri School

We enhance learning through authentic and experiential learning.

For example, below, you would see students learning how to prepare for cleaning, in a mockup of a HDB flat. This allows students to practice daily living skills in a context that is as close to the real situation at home, under the safe supervision of teachers.

We adopt a whole team approach and engage caregivers to co-educate the child.

Through home visits, parent-teacher meetings, and Individual Planning Day, we involve parents in being part of the education journey.

We invest in staff development.

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Professional development

We have professional development for the curriculum team to increase their competencies in providing quality education.

Teachers at Maitri School teaching

Professional learning teams

We formed professional learning teams made up of teachers to explore evidence-based practices to improve teaching and learning.

Maitri school management team school staff

Internal Training and mentoring programmes

We built internal training and mentoring programmes so that teachers can learn and grow systematically in their professional journey.

To create autism-friendly environments, we adopt a structured teaching approach.

  • The set up in each classroom is similar to promote independence in students.
  • Visuals to promote understanding are widely used as our students are predominantly visual learners
  • Routines are put in place to provide regular interventions and encourage good work habits