Our Learning Domains

Our Learning Domains

Here at Maitri, our learning domains are aligned to the SPED Curriculum Framework.

Communication and Language, Numeracy

Students learn how to better express themselves, together with numeracy skills to deal with real life situations.

Social-Emotional Learning

Students learn how to manage their emotions and better interact with those around them to form better relationships.

Physical Education

Through exercise, and outings, students become healthy and fit and improve in skills such as hand-eye coordination and body movement.

Daily Living Skills

Students pick up skills such as personal management, home living, and how to do basic food preparation.


Through activities such as angklung, students are given an avenue for creative expression.

Vocational Education

This prepares students for productive activities including employment in supported work environments.


Students learning arts through angklung

Every week, students go for classes like Angklung to encourage them to express their creativity in a different way. This harmonious orchestra teaches students social skills, and how to be part of a wider team.

Daily living skills, taught through the Home Living Lesson

In this lesson, students were taught how to make their beds with a live demonstration from the teacher. 

After that, students were guided as to how to make the bed by straightening the sheets, adjusting the pillows, and folding the blanket.