Fees and Financial Assistance


Monthly fees for singaporeans

  • Full month rate is applicable if the child attends 5 or more days in a month.

Monthly fees for permanent residents

  • Full month rate is payable if the child attends 5 or more days in a month.

School Fees

School fees will be deducted from bank account designated by parents on quarterly basis in the months of Feb / Apr / Jul / Oct.

For school fees enquiry, please contact Accounts department at 6028 5308 or e-mail to enquiry@maitrischool.edu.sg.

Financial Assistance 

Financial Assistance is provided for families in need.

Please contact the school social worker for more information.

MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

Eligible Singapore Citizens may apply for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). The MOE FAS provides assistance with school fees, school attire, public transport subsidy, textbooks and meals. To be eligible,

  • Monthly Gross Household income (GHI) should be $3000 or less
  • Monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) should be $750 or less
  • Enabling Transport Subsidy

    Eligible Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may also apply for the Enabling Transport Subsidy (ETS) to receive subsidies for their child’s school bus fare. To be eligible, the monthly per capita income (PCI) should be:

    • $2,800 or less for Singapore citizens
    • $2,000 or less for Permanent Residents.

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