School Philosophy

Our Belief

These beliefs shape our unique approach towards educating and supporting students.

Every child is


We believe that all children on the autism spectrum are different from each other, and thus each requires a different approach.

Every child has different needs

Because every child has unique needs, we shape our programmes to cater to the child in a person-centred, holistic manner.

Every child has unique talents 

We see the star in every child. We thus strive to uncover their unique talents through our various programmes.

Our teaching beliefs

We believe all students can learn

With this fundamental belief, it allows us to uncover the best of every child, rather than seeing what's 'wrong' with the child.

We design our programmes and interventions to equip students

We design our teaching and interventions so that students can grow the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes.

We empower students to take care of themselves

Through model classrooms like a kitchen, or the inside of a HDB flat, we teach students daily living skills that they can use at home, and in future.

Parents are our partners.

It takes a village to raise a child. That's why, parents and caregivers play an important role.

  • Caregivers help to reinforce skills learnt in school.
  • On a regular basis, Teachers will send materials and share strategies that caregivers can use.
  • Parents and caregivers can help our students to practice the skills at home, and update teachers on the progress via video, or text message.

Parents Say

Ms Pangilinan Cherry Lee Dolas,
mother of 9-year-old
Lew Pangilinan Nathan

I am happy that Nathan has shown a lot of progress and improvement in his communication and speech.

Thank you to all the teachers and the therapists!


Ms Kavitha D/O Dhanabal,
mother of 10-year-old
Lukaash Sasi Kumar

Everyone in Maitri, the teachers and staff have been so supportive, engaging and understanding toward us.

Their commitment, tolerance and support have had such a positive significant influence on my son’s growth, and I sincerely appreciate that.


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