March 18

2024 March Field Trip

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First trip out of school [01 March 2024]

Students from M2-3 and M2-4 ventured out of school for the first time this year to the school’s nearby playground and got to experience outdoor learning while having fun at the same time.

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To prepare for this field trip, students were taught how to manage their belongings responsibly such as packing essential items like water bottles and tissues in their bags. They also learnt to take care of their belongings throughout the outing, promoting responsibility and independence.

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Additionally, the trip provided a great platform for students to practise demonstrating socially appropriate behaviours in the community. They were able to show good manners by queuing up and waiting for their turn to use the playground facilities and sticking with the group when travelling from one destination to the next, showing respect and awareness of their environment.

Students also learnt about safety, like walking on paths and using public facilities properly, such as finding and using the bins to dispose their rubbish. The field trip was able to help them feel more connected to their community and its surroundings. Overall, these experiences helped the students grow physically, socially, and as responsible members of their community.


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