March 18

2024 Chinese New Year Celebration

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Celebrating Chinese New Year at Maitri School

As Chinese New Year (CNY) approached, students engaged in a series of enriching activities that provided them with a hands-on experience of this vibrant tradition.

One of the main focuses of the celebration was introducing students to the elements that define CNY: what we eat, say, see, and wear. Through interactive sessions, students had the opportunity to be exposed to or gained a deeper understanding of the festival.

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Students explored "what we say" by learning and practising common CNY phrases. These phrases were put into action during the Lo Hei activity, where students were prompted to apply these new words learnt while tossing up the ingredients.

In exploring "what we eat," students sampled an array of CNY goodies. From crispy prawn rolls to delicious pineapple tarts, students were encouraged to sample on a variety of CNY treats, connecting these snacks to the festival's significance.

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In discovering "what we see," students were brought to look at the festive decorations in the different photo booths, which featured traditional Chinese New Year motifs and symbols. Additionally, students also expressed their creativity through lantern artwork, adding another layer to their visual experience of the festivities.

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Finally, in experiencing "what we wear," students had the opportunity to dress in traditional Chinese costumes at a dedicated photobooth. From qipaos to changshans, students had the opportunity to dress up and capture memorable moments, strengthening their connection to CNY’s cultural heritage.

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These immersive activities provided students at Maitri School with exposure to the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year. It is our hope that by participating in these festivities, students gained an understanding for the various relationships and roles within our community.

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maitri-2024-cny (1)


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