April 11

2024 Hari Raya Puasa Celebration

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To celebrate Hari Raya, students participated in a series of enriching activities providing them with more understanding of the festival. They were introduced to the various aspects of Hari Raya such as what we see, do, eat, say, and wear during the month-long celebration!

During the school celebration, students and teachers were encouraged to don the traditional costume – baju kurung (for boys and girls) or kebaya (for girls). Students were also introduced to foods that are usually enjoyed during raya celebration – satay and raya cookies. Some of the festive cookies that were specially prepared for this school celebration included honey cornflakes, lidah kucing (rainbow biscuit), suji, and Nutella tarts!

Students enjoyed the craft activities such as making paper envelopes, lanterns and even ketupat! Our younger students also learned some simple dance steps to the popular raya song – balik kampung!

With the students clad in the traditional costumes, each class took a group photo at the photobooth – an activity that is usually practiced during raya visiting – all to create memories of coming together.

Through the activities above, students enjoyed themselves and gained a deeper understanding of the traditional festival.


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