April 17

Exploring Independence at Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre

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On Wednesday, 17 April 2024, class M4-2 students embarked on an exciting adventure to Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre, just a stone’s throw from our school. This trip provided a valuable opportunity for the students to experience independence and learn life skills first-hand.

Under the guidance of Mr. Charles Dominguez, the form teacher of the class, and the support staff, students navigated the traffic safely to reach the vibrant and bustling hawker centre.

At the hawker centre, the students interacted eagerly with the stallholders, learning to purchase traditional delights like roti prata, you tiao, red bean bun, and drinks. They demonstrated good behaviours in the busy public place and tried their hands in ordering food. This experience empowered them with essential life skills and boosted their self-confidence in ordering food independently.

The students continued their adventure to navigate public transport next. With their EZ-Link cards, they confidently boarded the bus back to school. The students demonstrated the appropriate way to board a bus, wait, and keep their noise level at an appropriate level during the bus ride.

The rain which started during their bus ride dampened their mood as they were expecting to end their day at a nearby playground. Despite this setback, the students were able to understand the necessary changes in the plan. This journey was not just about reaching a destination; it symbolized their ability to adapt, learn, and embrace new challenges.

Through experiences like these, we nurture independence and equip students with the skills they need to navigate the world with confidence. This field trip is a major step towards our important work to nurture the potential for every student to thrive as an inclusive member of our society.


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