May 21

2024 Vesak Day Celebration

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Maitri School students learnt more about Vesak Day, its significance and rituals, on 21st May 2024. They participated in a variety of activities, including lotus lantern-making, and understanding the popular rituals carried out by devotees on Vesak Day, for example that of “bathing” the Buddha.

To remind everyone that the school’s name “Maitri”” stands for Loving-Kindness in Sanskrit language, students and staff penned down virtuous deeds they had done recently on a leaf and pasted it on the “Good Deed Tree” in the school foyer. As the students see the “blossoming” of the tree, their faces beam with happiness and joy.  This tree would stand as a reminder of being kind even after the Vesak Day events.

We ended our celebration with sumptuous vegetarian snacks that the students enjoy.

It was a joyous day filled with fun learnings.


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